Mission Feature Feature

Design and art direction

“Mission Feature Feature is an educational brainstorming card game for students to explore the real technologies behind virtual reality and app design. Students must propose an app that solves a Mission, while also incorporating two app-specific Features. This is a great icebreaker activity for a computer science or app design class and can also provide a stimulus for kids to explore the beneficial and harmful effects that computing innovations can have on society. One deck is enough for 8 groups of 2-4 students, or up to 32 students. Ages 12+”

-Ulua Media

For the look of this game, the client wanted something Tron-esque; a mixture between 80s vice and retro futurism. I wanted to ensure that the design still looked modern and innovative so it would reflect the nature of the game and seem exciting and fun. We landed on a bright color palette that glowed against a dark backdrop with overlapping angular shapes, grids, gradients, and orb textures that referenced the game’s basis in technology.