DTL Studio

Honolulu, HI

In 2019 I had the opportunity to be a graphic design intern at DTL Studio, a marketing firm that specializes in communications, design and wayfinding. Their unique practice allowed me to learn and advance my design skills through building logos, marketing materials, digital media, project proposals, and infographics for DTL, their clients, and partner companies ʻĀina Archaeology and WCIT Architecture. I loved working alongside a multidisciplinary team that emphasized local values and perspectives to find creative and collaborative solutions to each challenge.

Honua Waterworks logo and rebrand

Wall installation for DTL’s conference room emphasizing their company’s core values

Layout and template for American Institute of Architects (AIA) Fellowship application. Designed for Rob Iopa, President of WCIT Architecture

Hoʻopai Archaelogy Apprenticeship logo for ʻĀina Archaeology

ʻĀina Archaeology stationary redesign.